About Us

We are a professional tattoo and body piercing studio located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We offer tattoos from award winning artists in a clean and sterile environment. Our artists all have their areas of specialty, but are all well rounded in several styles. Whether you are interested in a full custom piece or just some flash straight off the wall, it's our goal to take care of anyone who's serious about getting a tattoo.
We're also pretty serious about our piercing department.Our piercers have several years of experience, and are happy to help you out with any of your needs. They perform all piercings with brand new one-use needles that are pre-sterilized, and all of our starter jewerly is the highest grade of surgical steel. We have one of the largest body jewelry selections in the area, and we try to stay on top of trends to ensure we have what you may need or want. Our staff is knowledgeable about proper aftercare and the healing process, so always feel free to ask questions.

Little John's Tattoo is the third studio created by Mr. John D. Bury (aka "Little John").John came to Greensboro in the early 90's with a dream to open a professional tattoo studio where anyone could get a proper tattoo administered in a clean and sterile environment. Up until that point the only shops were on the outskirts of town and there were no laws or regulations governing the practice. John wanted tattooing to become a legalized practice with rules and regulations to protect not only the customer, but the tattoo artist as well. John petitioned legistlators and the Health Department to create many of the rules that shops here still must abide by to this day. In this respect John was a pioneer of the artform in this area. Nobody will ever say he was the first here, but he certainly changed the game when he came to town.

John also created the Annual North Carolina Tattoo Convention, which is currently in it's 19th year featuring artists from around the nation, and sometimes the world. Greensboro didn't know what to think, and pretty soon aspiring artists migrated here to join in the tattoo culture that grew from local talent and interests.

By the time 1999 rolled around, John was on his third studio, which was eventually called "Little John's Tattoo". He built a shop that not only offered great tattoos and piercings, but sold clothing, gifts, and other merchandise as well. Little John's Tattoo grew to having two locations at one point. Several artists over the years got their first chance at becoming tattooists thru Little John's various shops. When it came to work John was very serious, and expected a lot out of his artists.

Tragically, in early 2008, John was brutally murdered in his home. His family, friends, and tattoo family were shocked and overwhelmed with grief. People from all over the country came to show their love and respect for John after he passed away, and numerous famous friends called and sent messages in support. John's parents decided to keep the studios open, and with their help, we've tried to keep his vision alive and true to his special way of doing things. He touched all of our lives and we know that he's proud of our efforts. Otherwise, he's just the type of guy that would come back and let us know if we're not doing something right. We like to think that he's up in that big pirate ship in the sky watching over us.